Foodie Alert: Dante Fried Chicken

Dante Fried Chicken

A new food truck rolled out last week, Ride or Fry from the man behind Dante Fried Chicken. They describe themselves as Trans Atlantic African Cuisine or Caribbean as some have been calling them. I checked them out last week after the Mindshare LA event. They have a relatively small menu, “sock-it-to-me” chicken or tofu but they were also offering blueberry Guinness brisket.

I got the chicken and Josie of the Uncouth Gourmands got the brisket. Our food also came with a small side. The chicken came with a coconut honey biscuit and the brisket came with tortilla chips.

I wondered about all that chicken laid out- I guess they are ready to fry up a ton!

For $6, I sort of felt I needed some more chicken. Especially since I waited a bit for this piece to fry up. The truck seemed to be having some trouble this night but it was a soft opening so I forgive them. Surprisingly, it was crispy and it’s definitely better than KFC. I loved the coconut honey biscuit. I don’t even like coconut but this biscuit was great. Fluffy and just a hint of sweetness.

For $5, Josie got a much better deal with lots of braised brisket and a nice slaw. I started thinking about the tofu but decided to try that on another night. I really want to know if it really does “taste like chicken.”

Ride or Fry

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