$15 Monday Happy Hour at Bastide

When I first heard about this amazing happy hour at Bastide, I couldn’t believe it. $15 got you unlimited cocktails during happy hour. And bonus, they sent you small bites at no charge. What kind of crazy world are we living in?

Oh sure, the deal is only for Mondays and Happy Hour is  from 5-7 p.m.  How many cocktails can you manage in 2 hours? I won’t tell you how many I had but let’s just say we also ordered dinner to keep the momentum going. Last Monday, they were serving up this great Yellow Chartreuse Cooler. I loved the glass it came in. We were also given potato chips, beef skewers, tomato tuna rillette and crostini.

We were quite happy but decided perhaps we could share dinner as well. The three of us ordered corn soup with pork nuggets, beef tartare, leek risotto and dessert.

Oh man, I love corn soups and chowders. This one was nicely thick with whole corn kernels and fried pork belly. Yummy!

The beef tartare was covered in a blanket of shaved soft white cheese. It was lovely though I think my favorite is still the caviar version over at Petrossian.

I was surprised to see the  proscuitto on top of the risotto. I hadn’t expected it, I suppose I didn’t read the menu closely enough but it and the poached egg lent a delicious salty creamy flavor to the already decadent risotto. A marvelous dish.

We couldn’t say goodbye to Bastide! So we got one more thing, the Buttermilk panna cotta with the raspberry consomme. It was a light dessert to end the summer evening.


8475 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069-5311
(323) 651-5950