DTLA: Lunch at Cafe Pinot with Chef Sydney Hunter

beet salad

beet salad

It has been a while since I’ve been in to Cafe Pinot. I recently went back to see what’s changed now that Chef Sydney Hunter III has been in the kitchen for over a year now. Chef Sydney was previously at Bastide.

Cafe Pinot has always been a great place to sit out the patio for lunch. It’s the best people watching with everyone coming and going from the Central Library.


peppernata mozarella panini

In keeping with the beautiful spring day, we decided to go light. Well, light for us. There is a spa menu which included soup that day but it was too nice out for soup. We both got salads and a simple entree. My friend got the beautiful beet salad of candy cane beets while I got the artichoke salad the server raved about. He just could not get enough of the vinaigrette. And it is different. I hadn’t heard of barigoule before but it’s apparently a very classic French technique in cooking artichokes in white wine. Some recipes even call for the artichokes to be stuffed, traditionally with mushrooms. My salad had the light and tangy barigoule dressing which I suspect is built on the white wine and herbs that usually make up the dish.




striped bass

Next my friend got the peppernata mozzarella panini while I tried the other dish our server raved about, the striped bass.

Think grilled cheese with some healthy veggies for the panini. Hey, mozarella is pretty low in fat (comparatively speaking). I did indeed like the striped bass. The fish was cooked perfectly and the bed of vegetables was excellent. I was really into the variously colored cauliflower, pureed broccoli and sauteed spinach. The spinach almost seemed like chips as they were a bit crispy. I liked this unusual texture for the spinach. Maybe spinach chips can replace kale chips as the next chip craze.


Cafe Pinot

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