Step Back into Old World Glamour: Petrossian

Some time ago, I met Chef Ben Bailly and intended to try out Petrossian. I really wanted to go after reading Gastronomnom’s post.

crispy shrimp papilotte

Last Wednesday, I grabbed a couple of people and we headed over to the beautiful space where even the tables, walls and menu subtly remind you to get the caviar. My friend wanted to try the Caviar Surprise but I knew exactly what we wanted. The three of us ended up sharing 7 things and Chef Ben sent out dessert for us.

sauteed calamari

truffle mac and cheese

foie gras salad

We started with the foie gras salad, shrimp papilotte, calamari and truffle mac and cheese. Yes, that’s what we started with.

bite of foie gras salad

I’m fairly certain if I had stopped right there, I would have been very full, said thank you to the chef and made reservations with the hostess for another time.

But, I was with foodies so, the show must go on.

caviar pizza

Napoleon Tartare

Then we had the caviar pizza and steak tartare with caviar.The pizza was quite unusual, being that it was on a flatbread. I was good with one slice. I loved all the toppings. Delicious salty things like capers and caviar went well with the crumbled hard boiled egg and diced red onion.

But if you love salt, then you would love the Napoleon tartare. Between two layers of fine chopped beef was caviar. De-ca-dent.

braised short ribs with papparrdelle

Our main was the short ribs which came with pasta.The dish was a little sweeter than I usually like my short ribs and pasta. It was particularly noticeable since we just had two salty dishes. My friends seemed to enjoy this dish a bit more than myself. I’m dreaming about going back to try their amazing sounding pork belly.

trio of desserts

We were so, so full. But I was happy to try the dessert and loved the mango and chocolate best.

Thank you, Chef Ben!

Petrossian Paris Boutique & Cafe

321 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 271-0576