Noir Food & Wine

Last Friday, the Gay Boyfriend and I checked out Noir Food & Wine along with a friend. I had been thinking about going to revisit Elements Kitchen but the Gay Boyfriend wanted to try Noir’s burger and there was foie gras on the menu to tempt our other friend (we eventually decided not to get it).

We started with a cheese plate and the mushrooms and onions appetizer. Though when I say appetizer, I really mean it’s about the same size as all the other dishes. Our bubbly server (who wants to be known as the gorgeous skinny blond) Kelly, did a great job picking out the cheese for us. Although the stinky one may almost be too stinky for me. Try it with the honey, it’ll help mask the smell. I mean, it’ll enhance the enjoyment of said stinky cheese.

My favorite thing that night was the fried catfish. The fish was breaded in corn meal which I love and perfectly fried. I couldn’t get enough of the collard greens sauce either.

Next up, I ordered two soups/stews. I had heard the gumbo was outstanding. It and the wild boar chili verde called out to me. For someone who doesn’t eat that much spicy food, I sure do love inflaming myself. Both had me gulping down my Pinot Noir wine flight (great price and generous tastings for $13).

I liked the burger though dividing it among three people may have wrecked the bun a bit. I couldn’t believe how tender and sweet the squash and brussel sprouts were. I love my veggies. The steak was tender and flavorful as well.

We absolutely forced ourselves to have dessert. Although I was damn near bursting, the chocolate mousse with homemade peanut butter called out to us. The tiny fried banana was awesome.

I loved this place!

Noir Food & Wine

40 N Mentor Ave
Pasadena, CA 91106

(626) 795-7199