dineLA: Petrossian


For my second dineLA meal this week, I was at Petrossian. I was last there in June and shame on me for not having gone back sooner. The artwork on the wall has changed! There are now colorful paintings instead of the classic old-school Hollywood stars black and white photographs. Summer roses gave way to this gorgeous green bloom.

caviar martini

I decided to start with the most expensive cocktail I’ve ever paid for- the $18 caviar martini. This vodka martini featured one caviar stuffed olive and a compressed caviar cube. But they were out of the cubes so I got two caviar stuffed olives. My favorite dirty martini is the dirty pirate hooker martini at a little bar in Portland which unfortunately is now closed. If I could add these caviar olives to that drink, I think I would have the dirty Catherine (you know, Catherine the Great?).

English Pea Veloute

Steak Tartare

The fabulous dineLA menu included my favorite steak tartare as one of the starters. You also had a choice of the crispy egg or English pea veloute. My dining partner opted for the soup. For the mains, you had a choice of the crab risotto, caviar pizza or pork belly. Although I just ranted about jidori chicken and short ribs, pork belly doesn’t quite have the same feelings of meh.  Maybe because it’s so good. Our server’s eyes lit up when she was describing to me. Otherwise I would have selected the crab risotto.

Caviar Pizza

Braised Pork Belly

Earlier in the day, I ate a Minty concoction of barley, spelt and wild rice with spinach and bacon. It sounded suspiciously like the pork belly with farro, black rice, spinach and mushrooms. Um, I’m not even going to compare my cooking to Chef Ben’s. He’s amazing and now I’ll be forever wanting his version over my own. I really enjoyed the meaty mushrooms in this dish as well.

caramel pot de creme

pistachio creme brulee

Dessert was quite satisfying. The options were simple; vanilla panna cotta, caramel pot de creme or pistachio creme brulee. I’m all about nuts (and chocolate) so we got the caramel pot de creme and pistachio creme brulee.

So far, my two dineLA experiences have been great. I’m not sure what the third (if there will be a third) meal will be but hopefully the dreaded jidori chicken doesn’t make an appearance.


Petrossian Paris Boutique & Cafe

321 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 271-0576