Petrossian: The Egalitarian Egg

hibiscus champagne

The Vixen and I finally celebrated our successful Sexy Singles’ Soiree with dinner at Petrossian a couple of weeks back. On my first trip to Petrossian, I didn’t know about their delicious hibiscus champagne cocktails so I was sure to order one this time around. They are just so beautiful.

crispy egg

Recently, the Gastronomnom talked about Petrossian’s crispy egg in his post about food paparazzi. It stuck in my head and I hoped it would be as good as the egg in Lyonaise salad I had at Marcel Vigneron’s Hatchi dinner. It would have been an egg for the people, an egalitarian egg but it was topped with caviar so I suppose it was really more an egg for gourmands. We liked it but we preferred the sauce more and wouldn’t let the server take our empty plate because wanted more bread to sop up the creamy sauce.

steak frites

There are just some days you crave a good piece of meat. I had a great steak salad earlier that day at Four so I didn’t want to get more steak. I’m thankful Vixen got it though!

salmon pasta

I was going to order something else but once the server described the pasta special, I knew I had to try it. It was a pasta with a decadent heavy cream sauce with bits of salmon, salmon roe and caviar. It was so rich I could only have a few bites. If you’re going to have leftovers, let it be caviar!

During this dinner, the Vixen and I talked about the next Singles Soiree. Keep August in mind!

Petrossian Paris Boutique & Cafe

321 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 271-0576