First Locals Night at Whole Foods Venice

The Whole Foods in Venice is possibly the largest I’ve ever seen. Last week they started a new series called “local’s night” in their Local Artisan Corner.

The reception featured the photography of Monique Michaels. The photographs will be on display for approximately 6 weeks. While you’re shopping for your red quinoa and organic fruit, stop by the (cruelty free) cosmetics area to check out the exhibit.

My favorite photograph had to be the one next to the naked guy. Yes, I’m talking about the guy looking at his cat. So adorable!

Whole Foods was kind enough to cater a great reception which included dolmas, pickles, cured meats and those block-y things they described as “delicious pork product.”

Whole Foods Venice

225 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 566-9480