The Minty’s dineLA Picks + a little social media

dineLA Social Media panel


Last Friday, I attended dineLA‘s Social Media in the Restaurant Industry panel at the Palm. The panel featured Katie Burbank from Yelp, the Critic and Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen. I couldn’t help but compare this panel with the recent ones I’ve attended. This panel was clearly geared towards the restaurant industry and in way, so was Chefs versus Bloggers (which ended very well). Katie and Nguyen gave out the most helpful and useful information for restauranteurs talking expansively on social media- what to do, how to respond, when to use social media. The Critic had a few one-liners, offering why he likes Twitter, who to follow and comments on anonymity. He apparently agrees with the philosophy that a kitchen doesn’t automatically make things better just because you’re a known critic. He stated anonymous critics really aren’t and that people like SIV probably was known by the fourth week into her post by the people who make it their business to know.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the critics versus bloggers issue. I get it when restaurants question a blogger’s palate and their credentials. Yet judging from my inbox full of invitations, they are relying on bloggers for much of their marketing. Perhaps bloggers are attractive because the marketing costs are relatively cheap in comparison to advertising. And there are certainly plenty of them and enough of them write much more frequently than a newspaper critic would. For instance, the LA Times may have a review from SIV almost weekly. And then some are revisits. If you calculate how many restaurants she actually reviews, it’s not really a lot. To combat this, it seems critics are jumping on the social media bandwagon. The Critic mentioned his twitter stream was like his personal paper- with a large circulation.

Now on to  my picks for dineLA which starts Sunday, October 2 – 7 and then again October 9-14.

I tried to pick restaurants I hadn’t been before but a few I love sneaked onto my list. I have broken it down by neighborhood.


Beverly Hills

The Bazzar by Jose Andres- I’m fascinated by modernist cuisine so I’d like to try this menu.

Chaya Brasserie – I love Chef Haru’s food so it’s a no brainer to go for dineLA

Culina Modern Italian – a gorgeous restaurant with impeccable food and service, done deal.

Scarpetta – I kind of wish the famous spaghetti was served as an appetizer because I really do want to try it but not over a (meat) entree.

Tres by Jose Andres – If the Bazaar isn’t in the cards for you, try Tres.


Century City

Craft – I have gone once to this restaurant and enjoyed the service and the food we ordered except for my own entree. I always meant to go back and I have heard in the past Craft does an outstanding job with dineLA. Their dineLA menu features many choices for entrees unlike the typical choice of 3 entrees.


Culver City

Lukshon– love ’em. Both the lunch and dinner options look great.



Bar | Kitchen – Although I’m at BK practically every week, I’d go especially for dineLA. The roasted chicken is normally $16 so to get it + an appetizer and dessert for lunch is a great deal.

Noe– kind of bummed they don’t have a lunch option but I’d go for the ribeye at night

Water Grill – even though Chef Amanda is no longer at Water Grill, I wouldn’t mind trying out this temple to seafood



Lexington Social House– I’ve been surprised by the few tastes I’ve had so it’s time for a full meal

Osteria La Buca– I haven’t been since the new owners remodeled so I’d like to check it out



LaOn – I love Korean food and try to eat it as much as possible.


Marina del Rey

Cafe del Rey – dining with classic views

Vu – the lunch menu looks great with the Brussels sprouts salad


There were a few more I am interested in but they have not posted their menus.


Past dineLA meals

Fraiche Culver City

The Raymond in Pasadena

Petrossian in West Hollywood

First & Hope in DTLA