San Diego: Drinks at Lou & Mickey’s

Lou & Mickey's Old Fashioned


After the Chefs versus Bloggers panel, we headed out to Lou & Mickey’s across the street from the San Diego convention center to get drinks. My friend had her usual- an old fashioned with no sugar and extra bitters. I decided to risk it by having a Manhattan from an unknown (to me) bar.



At the last moment, I absently told the server I wanted my Manhattan stirred and up. Having one too many shaken Manhattans has nearly ruined my go-to cocktail. This one was…boozy city, hello! Sure, it normally is but lunch was a while back and I had been “sampling” bites and booze all day.



We shared some appetizers including calamari. Lou & Mickey’s is a steak house and seafood restaurant. This calamari was pretty good. Or else we were ravenous. It was gone with a blink of an eye.


teriyaki filet mignon


We also had shrimp and teriyaki filet mignon.

fresh seafood


Lou & Mickey’s features a fresh seafood display as you walk into the restaurant.

Chefs Amanda and Mark


It’s always fun dining with chefs.


Lou & Mickey’s

224 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 – (619) 237-4900


** I was a guest of Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions