San Diego: Taka Sushi

Taka Sushi Bar


After attending the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo, we had a craving for sushi. It must have been the sushi demo I saw. We decided to take a walk into the Gaslamp District and try Taka. I absolutely believe sitting at the sushi bar is the best sushi experience. We took a couple of seats and ordered up nigiri and one roll.




We started with amberjack and yellowtail. For a sushi restaurant in a touristy area, it wasn’t bad. I am used to slices to be slightly thicker but very little rice was used so it balanced out.

Spanish Mackerel

We didn’t have drinks as we just had some earlier at Lou & Mickey’s but also because we were planning the 2-hour drive back to L.A. Next time I would have liked a little sake with my fish. The Spanish Mackerel was good, very fresh.

sweet shrimp

sweet shrimp heads

Sometimes I’m wary of sweet shrimp. If it’s not fresh, they tend to be gummy. Fortunately, these weren’t and the heads were perfectly fried.


I was pleased to see the scallops to be pure scallops and not chopped up and in mayo.

soft shell crab roll

The soft shell crab roll didn’t have much meat but the roll itself was a good change from the nigiri.

salmon roe

New Zealand salmon

We asked the chef which salmon was good that day. He recommended the New Zealand salmon which had just came in that morning. We also had the salmon roe.

We spent around $30 each (with tax and tip) which I considered one of my cheapest sushi meals. I’d totally go back if I was in the area and was craving sushi.



555 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 – (619) 338-0555