An Evening with Eva

bourbon smash

Last week, I was having lunch and the couple next to me leaned over and asked if I knew about Blackboard Eats. They were enjoying a bottle of wine with their meal courtesy of a Blackboard Eats code. Not only did I know about Blackboard Eats, I was planning to use a code myself for Eva the next evening.


When I arrived at Eva, they were slammed. Possibly because everyone and their mom was trying to use their code on the last evening for free wine. We had drinks at the bar until our table was ready. I liked the bourbon smash and my Manhattan was good.  It was nice of them to send us glasses of champagne for the delay.



We ordered kampachi and oysters right away because now were were starving. The oysters were very interesting. I had never had any quite like these before. I loved the mottled shells.

duck and scallops

linguine and clams

Our friend really enjoyed his duck but another thought her linguine was too salty. We would have sent it back but by now it was very late and she didn’t want to wait for another meal to be prepared. Also, I thought it was interesting they said the noodles would be udon but it appeared to be the traditional linguine.

bacon wrapped jidori chicken

Really, nothing can go wrong with this dish. It has bacon. It has super moist jidori chicken. And all the baby veggies were so cute.


I had the halibut, a favorite fish of mine. This was a juicy dish and I loved all the tiny tomatoes and morel mushrooms.

butterscotch pudding

lemon cake

Eva sent out the butterscotch pudding to make up for the overly salty linguine and clams. We also ordered the lemon cake which was more of a berry sorbet on top of cake. I liked both equally though I favored the butterscotch just a bit more.

When I had gone to the Concern Foundation party, I had really enjoyed the gazpacho from Eva. After my meal, my love of fresh veggies was reinforced. They used the best and freshest produce which takes little more than salt and and good olive oil to dress them up. I love good food that is so simple.

Eva Restaurant

7458 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2701
(323) 634-0700