Going Cuban: Guantanamera

When I was in Miami last year, I was chasing a lot of food adventures- Joe’s Stone Crab, the best key lime pie, drinks with rum (lots of rum) and of course, great Cuban food. I found some random places for wonderful sandwiches, great pastries but only a few were memorable for authentic Cuban food.


Once home, I knew I could not really eat Versailles though I still like it occasionally. I just knew it wouldn’t be the same. I was particularly missing the Cuban pork and bean soup and I believe I’m going to have to try it at Guantanamera.

garlic chicken

Last Friday, I tried to order a big ass bowl of seafood only to be denied. Apparently they were out of it. They tried to get me to order chicken soup. I decided to just get the garlic pork. Hey, I have to compare it to Versailles before moving on to the rest of the menu. My friends ordered ropa vieja and garlic chicken.

ropa vieja

I have to say Guantanamera’s garlic is not as overpowering. Probably good if you were planning on bringing a date here.

masitas de puerco

My pork was a teeny bit dry but between the live band (who were very good), the strong mojito, the genial manner of the staff and the best beans I’ve had in a while, I was content.

Guantanamera Restaurant

916 West Burbank Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91506-1400
(818) 846-8500