Checking Out Las Perlas

Walking into the month-old Las Perlas is like walking into a hacienda. I’ve never been to Mexico but I’ve seen enough films (and visited other tequila bars) to get the same vibe. I didn’t check but the only thing missing would be bull’s horns on the wall. Perhaps there are some but I enjoyed the giant round light fixture instead.

I sidled up to the bar and requested the bartender’s favorite. While most of my friends got the 400 Rabbits, the barman gave me the Poblano Escobar.

Poblano Escobar and 400 Rabbits

I liked my drink quite a bit. I was warned mezcal was very smokey. I was a tad worried as I don’t like scotch because it’s too peaty-mossy-smokey for me but this was perfect. EatingLA described it to have taco seasoning. Gimme taco kisses, this is great.

The jukebox served up tunes from indie hipster favorites like the Kills.

Having now gone to almost all the 213 Group’s bars, my fave is still Seven Grand but I’m a whiskey girl. Next up, Cana! Because I do like my r(h)um.

Las Perlas

107 E. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 988-8355