Happy Hour at the Gorbals

On Tuesday, I asked AK if she wanted to go to Happy Hour at the Gorbals. Actually, I didn’t know if they did Happy Hour but luckily for us, they have 50% off beer and wine. There’s no special Happy Hour menu.

lamb ribs

I’ve been to Gorbals before for lunch and dinner so the concept of “Jewish favorites with a twist” is not new to me.  We always over-order and if there were more of us, I probably would have tried all 13 things on the menu. But alas, there were only two of us and we ordered four things including the lamb ribs, crispy broccoli, potato latkes and tripe fries.

crispy broccoli

potato latkes, smoked charoset

The lamb ribs were great. Very tender and I loved the hummus it came on top of. The crispy broccoli were too crispy for me but it reminded me of stuff I can make at home. The potato latkes were a bit too crispy for me as well.

tripe fries

Move over, pig’s ear, the time for tripe fries have come! I loved the tripe. They weren’t too breaded and the creamy dip was good though surprisingly, not necessary to enjoy the fries.

So while there wasn’t a Happy Hour menu per se, prices are fairly reasonable and it’s always nice to have discounted booze.

I’ve still yet to try dessert here so next time!

The Gorbals

501 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 488-3408