First Look at First & Hope

I swung by First & Hope for Caroline on Crack‘s party at First & Hope this past Monday. The supper club opens officially later this month on April 23.

While we were there, we were treated to morsels and they were tempting enough for me to return for a full dinner. Especially since I’m often at the Music Center and Walt Disney Hall and First & Hope is right across the street.

I love these almost self-serve wine displays. You purchase a card and can create your own wine tasting by buying an ounce or two. On this night, they were set to serve a full glass.

The outfits the staff wore were lovely. The hostesses wear long silver gowns and there are shorter versions as well. The servers either wear silver dresses or white tuxedos with a silver trim. I saw yet another outfit the cocktail waitresses wear in the lounge.

First & Hope had the greatest light fixtures. Very classy.

There’s a stage in the back bar. I can imagine a dreamy, loungy night.


I can’t wait for it to officially open to try out their comfort food menu and the delicious sounding hand-crafted cocktails.