Deconstructing El Silencio Mezcal

El Silencio


Spirits Week continues with El Silencio Mezcal. I recently attended an Agave Society tasting at Las Perlas bar. Currently there are two expressions of El Silencio on the market. These are the joven and espadin. However, we also got to taste a couple of Mezcal Koch’s expressions which are in the joven.

El Silencio tasting


El Silencio Espadin – This came after the joven initially launched on the market (black bottle). This would be good one for sipping if you want a quiet night in.

El Silencio Joven – this is made of El Silencio espadin, Mezcal Koch tobasiche and mexicano mezcals. This is the clear bottle on the market. It’s a great mezcal for mixing.

Mezcal Koch Tobasiche – this has a lot of backbone and I liked it on its own.

Mezcal Koch Mexicano – I am just fascinated the Silencio joven includes this as one of the distillates.

Koch Mezcal is in El Silencio


I really would love to go down to Oaxaca and taste more mezcal. I find myself drinking it more than tequila. While I like both, there’s something so romantic about mezcal. Until then, it’s good to have bars like Las Perlas to explore more. They regularly have Agave Society tastings and it’s a good way to learn more about agave spirits.

Mezcal El Silencio


Las Perlas

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