Whiskey Wednesday: Checking Out Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Tennessee Gold


Spirits Week at The Minty continues with my first Whiskey Wednesday post!

New Tennessee whiskey Uncle Nearest has launched in Los Angeles. I recently attended a launch party at the SLS Hotel to taste their whiskies including their silver and aged.

This might be the first time I’ve heard of of a silver whiskey. The nose on it did remind me of agave. Like the aged version, the silver goes through a charcoal mellowing process.

Generally, the difference between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey is a charcoal filtering  process known as the Lincoln County Process which some claim Nathan “Uncle Nearest” Green helped develop.

However, Uncle Nearest, the company, says their particular charcoal filtering process was developed for their whiskey alone. And also it should be noted their whiskey is made for them by two different distilleries in Tennessee. I’m going to assume it’s not Jack Daniel’s, the distillery Uncle Nearest was working at. Or should I say enslaved at?

Best-selling author Fawn Weaver who likes to be called the Chief Historian at the Uncle Nearest company, uncovered the story of Uncle Nearest and how it was his enslaved labor that the Jack Daniel’s distillery became successful. He is now generally acknowledged as the first African American master distiller.

I don’t know why Jack Daniel’s hasn’t made their own Uncle Nearest whiskey but I’m glad they’re not profiting on it now.

Old Hat


At the launch, I tried the two whiskies and then also in cocktails. As mentioned, the 95 proof silver had this funky nose that I associate more with agave. The aged is 100 proof.

Of the two drinks I tried, I liked the Tennessee Gold more. Although I like all spice dram, I felt it overpowered the whiskey.  I didn’t try the two silver whiskey drinks which were a mule and whiskey and soda.

Tennessee Gold – Uncle Nearest aged whiskey, honey syrup, lemon

Old Hat – Uncle Nearest aged whiskey, all-spice dram, maple syrup, salt, Angostura bitters


Uncle Nearest

SLS Hotel

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