Fame Monster

In the Spotlight

I was reading about the recent lawsuit filed against Lady Gaga. An ex boyfriend of hers is suing her for obscene amounts of money. Seems the man feels she owes him tons of money starting with giving her the name “Lady Gaga” to co-writing some of her hit songs. From what I read, she did give him a cut and credit for those songs. But after he ended their romance, she cut him off.

Duh. I would to. Why would I continue to work with someone who broke up with me? As for does he deserve any money she’s making now? Well, I say no. He already got a share. But I suppose the courts will decide, if it ever gets to court. Most likely, she’ll probably have to settle. I hope she doesn’t though.$30 mil is a lot!

This leads me to some recent questions from friends of what I’m doing with this blog, my events and in general, the Minty “brand.” For years, friends have told me I need to trademark. A non-committal “hm” was my response.

In general, I don’t think money is everything. I don’t make money from my events. That is not my intention.  I’m not rich and I probably should cut down on my spending. But I have always enjoyed meeting new people and I’m a compulsive socializer. Besides, you can’t take the money with you when you go.

This morning, I received an email from a dear friend with the subject line, “the Minty has arrived.”

Surely, not? Am I going to get interviewed soon? I’ve yet to concoct a great (but entirely false)  story about the nickname. Give me more time!

All I can say is, if you want to board the Minty train, you better jump on now. But don’t do me wrong because a) I don’t have any money b) I don’t forget and c) I don’t forgive

I did know something was up though because in the last few weeks these occurances have happened:

#1- received some random tweet from someone I didn’t know that a bar I frequent was talking about me. When later questioned, they said they were trying to build my legend.

#2- while in line at a hot new spot opening soon, someone I think is quite famous goes off on door guy to let me in. To paraphrase, “making the Minty wait in line is like making Obama wait in line.”

#3- Friend says as I walk in, “the Minty’s here” to which someone spun around and looked

And maybe I spend too much time on twitter but at least three people have recently met me and told me they follow me on twitter.

I’m toying with trying to get the Minty Dating Machine restarted (did it ever start?) but I think the key is stuck in the ignition. Time for a new plan. Oddly, people are still commenting on the first dating in LA post I wrote back in December.

I think most people know that when you write a blog or even put anything out there online, it is out there and you can’t really take it back. Yes, I’ve been online for over 10 years and many of those years, I’ve maintained some sort of blog.  However, and I know she’s going to read this, you don’t know me. Oh sure, you know parts of me. And whatever I put out there but there’s no real way to encompass all of me in data. You get a pretty good idea. My words, art, pictures and various other forms of personality is online. But I put that stuff out there. And I don’t put everything out there.

It did irritate me to get that comment. She was saying don’t be shallow and don’t treat people badly. Er, I am not shallow but I think I deserve someone who isn’t mean, a jerk, late, sneering, secretive and angry. I didn’t even treat him badly. I stuck around for the date when I really should have gone with my instincts and left when he wouldn’t tell me what kind of books he wanted (self-help- red flag!!!). This man told me he wouldn’t walk me to my car and accused me of lying to get away from him!

To say I should think about what I really, REALLY want was offensive to me. I know what I want. I believe I’m going to get it.  When is the question. However, this doesn’t demean what I have now. I have loved, am loved and will love again. I’m a  good person. I do have a good heart but I’m not a pushover.

I’ve calmed down since the comment and the person later apologized and told me “we don’t talk enough for her to get personal.”

I’ve done a lot to look for Mr. Minty and for the first time in a long time, I’m doing nothing. You can argue I do singles supper clubs and am throwing the big soiree later this month with a friend but I don’t even see that as me trying to meet someone. It’s more like the event planner in me is setting up something for friends to enjoy.

We’ll see how the rest of the year pans out. In the meantime, I’m just in pursuit of a good story.