Figaro Bistrot

Figaro, Figaro, HEY Figaro!

I’ve been to Figaro Bistrot quite a few times now. I started there as part of my hot bartender crawl back in February and also have done dinner and happy hours. One day, I might actually enjoy a pastry from their bakery section.

Lately though, I can’t get enough of their escargot or snails, if you will. That garlic sauce is addicting. You’ll go through your bread basket and the few pieces they give you to mop up that sauce.

kir royale

For happy hour, I usually order the kir royale ($6)  but they have quite a few drinks or if you like, well drinks are only $4.

bourbon & soda

The didn’t have ginger ale but bourbon & soda was pretty good! It might be my new go-to instead of vodka tonic.


Carina from the Uncouth Gourmands ordered the carpaccio. I did most of the ordering last Thursday for happy hour and as much as I love meat, sometimes raw meat skeeves me out (unlike sushi). It turned out Figaro’s version was well-seasoned and I’d order this again.

crab cakes

goat cheese salad

The crab cakes reminded me of the recent goat cheese salad we ordered for dinner weeks back. They are the same general shape and color but one was definitely crab and the other warm, gooey cheese. Both go great with their fresh salad just barely dressed with a little salt, vinegar and oil.


Imagine that yummy garlic sauce from the escargot now on the mussels. Of course we liked these plump mussels. We devoured these quickly.

I love happy hour here but sometimes a girl has to eat real dinner. A few weeks back, I had a wonderful paella that was so chock full of seafood, I had to take most of it home.

seafood paella

There were shrimp, clams, baby squid and other goodies. I really couldn’t stop eating it until I remembered my friend had that goat cheese salad and I should rein it in.

I really love this neighborhood bistro. And I get such a kick out of the decor and whenever I see it in commercials, I say, “I know that place! It’s good for escargot.”

Figaro Bistrot

1802 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-1587