Mi Piace: All Night Happy Hour Mondays

In college, one of my favorite places was Mi Piace. I still like the food quite a bit and I admire it’s managed to still stay somewhat hip and now can even be considered “trendy” with their newish lounge.

The Lounge at Mi Piace

On Monday nights, they offer all night happy hour with $5 cocktails and half-priced bar food beginning at 6 p.m. I recently visited the lounge for the first time around New Year’s and didn’t care for my drink so I ordered a Moscow Mule with Vox. The cocktail waitress said, “Vodka and ginger? Do you want it mixed?” Um, yes.

Perhaps I should have tried my luck with another cocktail from their list. But it turns out the bartender can actually put together a Moscow Mule (oh my).

lettuce wraps

Forgive my terrible pics but the Lounge is rather dark (and somewhat uncomfortable seating as my tall self’s knees kept knocking into the strange tables). Fortunately, the lettuce wraps were pretty good. The bowl arrived with a scoop of chicken and veggies on top of four lettuce leaves that we managed to separate and serve ourselves.

mac and cheese

I liked the mac and cheese quite a bit but it’s very oily which isn’t right. I suppose though since it ends up being under $5, it’s quite do-able.

Overall, even if I wasn’t in Pasadena on a random Monday night, I think this is a great deal. I spent less than $20 for these three things.

Mi Piace

25 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-3131