Chaya DTLA’s Beer Garden Mondays

As previously mentioned, I tried to go to Chaya DTLA for their new Beer Garden but it turns out it’s only on Mondays. If you sit on the patio, you are treated to yakitori and a special menu of goodies. But you may order from other menus including their regular happy hour menu. Pictured above is the Russian Blues which is the usual cocktail I have here.

The night wasn’t too cold yet but the heat lamps were on full blast. That heat combined with the smoke from the yakitori grill was a bit unpleasant. I think when it gets more towards summer, it’ll be appreciated more.

poki salad

We ordered the poki salad to start ($7) which had a few chunks of poki but it was mainly cucumber and seaweed. I probably wouldn’t order this again.

The Vixen and I share a similar philosophy to happy hour, order it all. We tried the beef, beef tongue, chicken, shrimp and mushroom. We favored the beef and tongue. I liked the shrimp but felt the chicken was underdone. The mushroom wasn’t worth the $2 a skewer.

I wasn’t keen on the mussels from the regular happy hour menu last time but it didn’t stop me from ordering the sake steamed ones from the beer garden menu. Hm, I think mussels might not be the way to go here. Most were tiny but there was one enormous one that was so overstuffed, the shell was broken. That was one crazy mussel. I do have to say the flavor was better on the mussels from the regular happy hour menu.

Although not my favorite happy hour, it’s not bad and it’s nice to have options. Maybe next time I’ll even have beer!