Arashi: New Sushi in DTLA

A new sushi spot popped up in DTLA recently and since it’s near my new office building, I decided to check it out for lunch.

sushi combo with Hot Night roll

Even though I mainly dread sushi combo plates, I found myself ordering the $16.95 lunch special which included 5 pieces of nigiri and your choice of roll, sashimi or other items from the list. There were less pricey combos, a la carte options and quite a bit of cooked Japanese food stuff available.

I ordered the combo with the Hot Night roll which was a shrimp tempura roll with crab topped with spicy tuna.

Most of us ordered the sushi combo but one had the chicken cutlet. I admired how there was so much of it.

I really thought it was nice of them to send out miso soup right away when we sat down as part of their grand opening promotion. They also had a carrot and daikon salad for us as well as funny towels that expanded with hot water. This restaurant also features purse hooks on every table for the ladies.

Service was really good. The food runner replenished our drinks constantly and the iced green tea was no small task as he had to individually make each glass from a mix. Later I asked him if he enjoyed the fried green tea ice cream the owner had sent out for us and he said he actually really liked sushi. He had never had it prior to the restaurant opening three weeks ago. We also had a chance to chat with the owner about the artwork and future plans for a beer and wine license. There’s talk of a happy hour in the works.

While I didn’t enjoy the nigiri very much, I think this place will do well with the rolls and cooked food. I’ll be back to check out their noodles.

Arashi Sushi

1111 South Hope Street*
Los Angeles, CA 90015

* Entrance on 11th