Marche: Tasting Menu

When a friend asked me a  couple of weeks ago if I wanted to check out Marche and I said yes. Not because I had read the Jonathan Gold article or even heard much hype. Because well, although I’ve heard the name, I’ve not heard the reason why people were going.

duck wing amuse bouche

Duh. I figured it out last night. The food IS GOOD. Once I tasted this amuse bouche, just half of a duck wing, I was in the foodie nirvana.

asparagus soup

I don’t know if my soup was vegetarian but it started with a veggie stock. The chef, Gary Menes, it seems worked at the French Laundry honing his soup skills explained the server. In any case, I liked the little bits of garlic bread in it.

grilled shrimp

Then  we had wonderful succulent, perfectly grilled shrimp that came on a bed of grains and peas.

steak with fresh peas and parsnips

Next came the mains. We had steak and really fresh peas on a swirl of pureed parsnips. I loved everything on my plate. I was really into the fresh peas. But then I’d have a bite of the parsnips and fall in love. But the main attraction was the steak which was cooked JUST HOW I WANTED IT. Oh man, how often do I ask for medium rare and actually get medium rare? Hardly ever. I was so happy.

chocolate pudding cake with salted caramel

After that, I was so full but time for dessert! We had a huge selection to choose from. I went with the chocolate pudding cake with salted caramel center served a la mode. Mm, yum.

Get Your Swine On

I loved everything about my precisely-cooked, well-prepared meal. Now there’s definitely more reasons to go to the Valley.

Next time, I’m getting some Pig Candy!


13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915