Romeo & Juliet: A Disco Drag Farce

Last night I attended a fun production of Romeo and Juliet. I am a lover of quirky shows and besides, I’m gay adjacent. I couldn’t  say no when my friend Paul Miailovich, the director of the show invited me.

When I heard this production was set during the 70s Disco era, I hadn’t imagined it would actually be done in the original Shakespeare. Sure, there were some added dialogue by the characters and this was an abridged version. Some lines were combined. I loved that the fight scenes were disco dance-offs.

Romeo was a handsome disco king to be sure. And Juliet? Funny though not campy. In fact, I was actually surprised how non-campy this show was. My favorite characters had to be the Nurse but Tybalt, Mercutio, “Benvolia” and Lady Capulet held their own.

Romeo and Juliet is playing for two more weekends at the Knightsbridge Theatre.  Buy tickets here. And be prepared to laugh.