When All You Want is ‘Za: Vito’s Pizza

I was telling someone last night how I never want to date someone where we eat at the same 5 places every weekend (an exaggeration- we rotated through at least 8 places).

But I never mind when it’s a friend of mine and sometimes I know when I see them, I get to eat certain things. One being pizza. The gay boyfriend and I like Vito’s Pizza. I know some people hate their delivery but we’ve only eaten in. The tiny space seems more authentic somehow. And if there can be a word to describe the little ‘za joint, they are all jolly. High on life, high on making great pizza.

Being from California, we don’t seem to have a pizza culture. Not like New York where everyone seems to have an opinion about a simple slice of cheese. I laugh about the first time I ever had a calzone and my ex boyfriend’s half Italian family bickered about sauce, water, dough. And Chicago with their deep dish. When I was in Chicago with another ex boyfriend and his family, they too talked about pizza as if it was manna. I’m looking forward to my trip to Chicago next month for the greatest sausage deep dish. I have to agree there is no good deep dish pizza out here.

But I think there’s some pretty damn fine substitutes for that crispy thin New York pizza. Vito’s produces something quite good. I’m not going to argue though that pizza should only have one or two toppings and nothing “unusual.”

Because I’m from California and we actually do have a pizza culture. Our thing has always been “gourmet” pizza. Unusual toppings being not so unusual anymore.

My traditional pizza would be sausage, green peppers, onion and maybe olives. My “California” pizza sensibilities likes artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, white pizzas, spinach and goodness, let’s get wacky and try fennel, figs or pork belly. Vito’s isn’t that crazy though. Try any of their signature pizzas or do what I did to avoid the pizza controversy and get a meatball sub.

Vito’s Pizza

846 N. La Cienega blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 652-6859