Minty Dating Machine: The Best Sort of First Dates

The Holidays are right around the corner. As the leaves turn colors and the weather gets cooler (yes, even in LA), thoughts of who you’re going to snuggle up with seem to cross my mind. I love asking people how they met their partners. For the most part, they’re great stories. And I enjoy hearing from couples who met at previous singles soirees.

Recently someone told me they met their boyfriend at a Thanksgiving party. So you never know!

After the Sexy Singles Holiday Soiree and you met that fantabulous person, where are you going to go on your first date?  You may have heard about some bad ones but I’ve actually been blessed to enjoy more than a few good ones.

Minty’s Top Five Favorite First Date Ideas

5. Watching planes at the airport (this was before 9/11) and making up stories about the passengers. I suppose post-9/11, the date can be moved to Union Station. Trains can be fun, too.

4. Grape Stomping (okay, so maybe this wasn’t so great as I got stood up but I still love this idea). I always wanted to have an I Love Lucy moment.

3. Renaissance Faire (being called a lady all day was NICE).

2. Field trip– Art gallery openings, museums, food festivals- it gives you something to talk about.

And drum roll…

1. Drinks

What? Really? My favorite kind of date if I’m going to for low key would just be drinks. But never coffee. For some reason, all my coffee dates have turned into mini-interviews. I feel like I’m being grilled and that’s not fun. I don’t usually have lunch dates anymore and dinners can be a bit too formal and long (I enjoy first dates that are 3 hours or less).

But really, the best sort of first dates lead to second dates.

So, you sexy Singletons, come on down to the Holiday Soiree at Pink Taco on December 1! It’s going to be fun and then you can email me your favorite first date.

In fact, if you leave a comment on your favorite first date, you might win a pair of tickets to the soiree. I’ll conduct a random drawing and I’ll contact the winner by Wednesday, November 24 if you’ve won. Make sure you leave your email or twitter when you comment you want a pair of tickets to soiree.