The Secret Table: New Supper Club

The Secret Ingredients catering company launched a new supper club called the Secret Table Halloween weekend. Owned by sisters Lisa and Michelle Fielding, the new supper club plans to stick to classic European cooking though  they have lived all over the world and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those influence will come to play.

I was invited to take part of the first communal 9-course dinner at a lovely home in the Hancock Park area. Future dinners are set around town including the dinner this Saturday, November 13.


I was given some bubbly when I arrived and  my curious eyes looked around the beautifully decorated table. I loved the flower arrangements. Everyone was asking each other how did they find out about this “secret” supper club. We enjoyed the explanation of wine from Bryon Holley of TGIC Importers, the number one importer as chosen by Wine Enthusiast for 2010. I found him quite personable and easy to talk to about wine.

Once the table of 25 were seated, we were served a vichysoisse of crispy leek and homemade Parmesan crisp. This was a great way to start as the night was a bit chilly and we were seated outside. I did later wish I had my jacket. Wearing a thin short-sleeved cardigan over a thin, short, one-shouldered dress was not the best idea I had that night.

stuffed zucchini blossoms with pumpkin jam

The zucchini blossoms were stuffed with honeyed goat cheese and served with pumpkin jam.

beggar's purse with sherried crab and mushrooms

I really liked the energy of Lisa and Michelle. They were running around cooking, talking to guests and came out to assure us when things seemed to be going a bit slowly. It was their first time though so all was forgiven. Especially when these beggar purses came out with sherried crab and mushrooms. The handmade crepes turned out to be the culprit and one sister trilled, “we’re never doing crepes again!” Perhaps not for such a big crowd but I hope they do again for a smaller dinner party.

gargenelli, English peas and tarragon

I started eating the gargenelli pasta before I realized I forgot to take a picture first! It was definitely one of my favorite dishes. The simple English pea and tarragon puree worked as a sauce.

pineapple sorbet palate cleanser

I would have probably switched the two palate cleansers. While I adored this pineapple sorbet with the mint, it was too cold in the night to truly enjoy it. The second palate cleanser was a simple radish and arugula salad that would have made a bit more sense in the beginning.

seafood brodetto

We were asked prior to the dinner if we would prefer the Cabernet-braised short ribs or seafood brodetto. I’ve always maintained my favorite meal is a big ass bowl of seafood. This seafood brodetto was love at first bite. I thoroughly enjoyed digging around my bowl, discarding shells and finding tender morsels. I have to say though I was intrigued of the delicious smell the short ribs were emitting. If only we could have had both. Actually, I saw a guest get the “combo.” Needless to say, some of us were a tad bit jealous.

radish & arugula palate cleanser

Nothing really is as lovely as some fresh radishes. This salad with champagne dressing served as our second palate cleanser. As I said before, I would have switched the two. Going from a beautifully done seafood soup to cold crisp veggies weren’t ideal for me. Yet, I think I can eat sorbet anytime.

cheese selection

We were so full by this time that attempting the cheese plate seemed like a Herculean effort. But I did partake of some of the creamier cheeses. Check out the Secret Table blog for the cheeses (and wines) we tried.

Dobos mocha tortes and pumpkin mousse profiteroles

I love that this menu started with pumpkin and ended with more pumpkin. I enjoyed the pumpkin mousse profiteroles quite a bit and the mocha cake was quite rich.

Sign up for the Secret Table Club here. They’re planning a New Year’s eve dinner that sounds tremendous!