Flan vs Flan

I have been doing food crawls for almost four years now. I haven’t had too many sweets crawls as I tend to have a more salty tooth than sweet. Some friends of mine approached me about doing a flan crawl. Knowing I cannot handle that much flan, I made it to the last stop. My dear friends brought along a flan from the last stop for a proper comparison.

Rodero Mexican Grill's flan

The classic flan is essentially sugar, milk, condensed milk, vanilla and eggs.  Also called creme caramel, the caramel flavor comes from the baked condensed milk and carmelized sugar.

Rodero Mexican Grill was very traditional but I could not say remarkable. It had a good flavor and if I was into flan, I’d probably order this again.

Rodero Mexican Grill

1721 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 483-8311

El Compadre's flan

At  nearby El Compadre, we ordered the flan and was surprised how small it was. It was topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Festive but unnecessary. I nudged a spoon in, the whole wobbly thing seemed unwilling to leap onto my spoon and into my mouth. Or maybe I’ m imagining things. It less than five minutes, it was destroyed and I was left pushing some bits together to make a mouthful.

El Compadre’s flan had more cinnamon flavor. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was actually cinnamon in it. Flan purists wouldn’t order this again. However, I have found a great place for albondigas soup and giant flaming margaritas.


El Compadre

1449 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 250-4505