Hollywood: Spare Room

Aidan Demerast

After dinner at Public Kitchen and Bar at the Roosevelt, we headed upstairs to the Spare Room. Aidan Demerast developed the cocktail program for the stylish bar which includes a 2-lane bowling alley. The evening I went, Britney Spears was nestled in the corner. Despite that bit of fluff, a serious cocktailian can get down with the drinks.

Kentucky Brunch

I always have trouble picking my first drink. What sort of mood am I in? Usually it’s bourbon so I decided on the Kentucky Brunch (bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, yellow Chartreuse). Interestingly enough, Gweneth Paltrow listed it (and the recipe) here.  See the bottom of the page.

Mary Pickford

Spare Room’s 2-page menu is divided into “We” and “They.” The “We” cocktails are original and the “They” cocktails are classics. The Mary Pickford is one such classic cocktail (rhum agricole, pineapple, Luxardo cherries).

The Evening Glass-off

In the “We” category, The Evening Glass-off was fantastic. I believe I’ve found my go-to cocktail at the Spare Room. It’s a riff on a mai tai and in fact was the winning mai tai in Los Angeles Magazine’s recent contest.

Then I had a riff on their Manhattan and I just couldn’t decide which was my favorite. It’s a good thing I don’t have a favorite cocktail, I can keep checking though just to make sure. Cin-cin!

Spare Room

Mezzanine Level of the Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028