DTLA: New Cocktails at Seven Grand

George at Seven Grand


In all the years I’ve been going to Seven Grand, I have never seen them change their menu. Not that it mattered much because I usually got a whiskey sour or a Manhattan. But they recently launched a new menu to welcome in a new  management team.

The New York

I went in this past Monday only to be scolded by my fave bartender George at Seven Grand for not coming in anymore. What can I say? When Seven Grand opened, it was one of the first craft cocktail bars of its kind in Los Angeles. I was there nearly weekly. Sometimes multiple times in a week. But it got to a point where I just couldn’t stand the crowd after 9 p.m. And craft cocktail bars in LA were on the rise. I didn’t exactly stop going (okay, I did) but I still love it because it’s a great whiskey bar. And I’m a whiskey girl.

The Scofflaw

After scanning the new list, we kept it easy and tried the Scofflaw (Old Overhold rye, Dolin Dry vermouth, lemon, grenadine) and the New York (Wild Turkey rye, brown sugar, lime, grenadine) from the Vintage cocktails list. Also on this list are the Whiskey Crusta (Famous Grouse Scotch, maraschino, lemon) and the The Boulevardier (Old Weller bourbon, Campari, Antica Carpano vermouth).

On the flip side, the Originals list sounded stellar as well.

Duck Hunter – Limited edition Seven Grand Eagle Rare 10-year-0ld bourbon, Carpano Antica, Amaro Lucano

Keihl Cocktail – Yamazaki single malt, fresh grapefruit, grated cinnamon

Dagny Taggart– Glenlivet, Aperol, Torrani liqueurs

Irish Vandal– Jameson, fresh grapefruit, raspberries

What’s really cool is Seven Grand is doing two punches as well. These are meant to be served up to 10 people.

Kentucky River Fish Kill Punch – Wild Turkey rye, Aperol, fresh grapefruit, grated nutmeg

Canadian Punch– Rittenhouse 100 rye, Smith & Cross rum, fresh pineapple, lemon, Fevertree soda


I’ll have to brave the crowds more often to try the rest of the cocktails.


Seven Grand

515 W 7th St., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 614-0737