Las Vegas: Pizzaria at the Cosmopolitan


I’ve been hearing about this secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan for a while. If you ask, people will tell you it’s next to this restaurant or another on the third floor. Let me tell you, it’s next to Jaleo, down an unmarked hall. Then you encounter two pinball machines and a straight-up NY pizzaria.

pinball machines at the Pizzaria



The place is fairly tiny with seating for maybe 8 people against the back wall.

Pizzaria- picking my toppings

I opted to go with sausage and mushroom.

sausage and mushroom pizza

The two slices came out to be $8 and some change. A bit pricey but then again, it was actually good pizza and I didn’t eat dinner so let’s just call it a cheap dinner. The pizza was crispy just the way I like slices to be. And they folded fairly well. Flatbush fold, baby.

They sell some drinks but I decided to take my slices downstairs to the Vesper where George made me a lovely beer cocktail.

Pizzaria at the Cosmopolitan

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 651-2432