Vodvil on Fairfax Now Open


Vodvil opened over the weekend. At its heart, it’s a social gathering place where adults can play games. The idea came about when owner and karaoke enthusiast Joshua Saltman realized nightlight entertainment in Los Angeles was limited to clubs, bars and karaoke. He teamed up with Cal Iseminger, the owner of Cal’s Game Night Productions who has created customized game nights for celebrities such as Matthew Perry and Jennifer Love Hewitt who must be a big fan because she was there the evening I went. She was rocking out in the karaoke room of Vodvil.

Fairfax Scorpion Punch

At the private party I was invited to last week,  I heard comments that it’s “like Vegas” or a “bingo game on steroids.” Every 30 minutes or so, hosts will organize a new game for players. I played such delightful games as Word Scramble and Name That Tune. My team did an excellent job with the word scramble which just so happened to be about LA restaurants. I didn’t do so well with Name that Tune since I’m the sort of person that says, “you know that song by that guy  in such and such band?” Yeah, that’s me. Despite this handicap, my team did all right. We won enough tokens for prizes from the fun vending machine.

house made chips and onion dip

Vodvil is set to have themed game nights such as “Face the Music Tuesdays” and “Word Games Wednesday.” Vodvil would be great for a group of friends looking for something a little bit different or a fantastic venue for a date. I would even recommend it for a first date as a way to get to know someone. Are they competitive? Are they good with teamwork? How about their trivia knowledge?

Blazin' Jay's sweet and spicy kettle corn

Vodvil also features a comfort food driven menu by Chef Jamie Lauren, most recently of Beechwood. You may remember her as being on Top Chef and she came from Absinthe in San Francisco.

Center Square

I spied Alex Strauss of Hemingway’s Lounge in the house this evening. Apparently he came up with the punches. I also tried the Center Square cocktail (Four Roses bourbon, green apple puree, mint). It was very tasty.

Paul Lynde Punch


Fairfax Scorpion Punch-Plymouth gin, Gran Sierpe pisco, Don Q rum, orgeat, orange juice, passion fruit puree

Paul Lynde Punch – Absolut vodka, champagne, blackberry puree, lemon juice

I’d also pick the No Whammies punch (George Dickle #12 Tennesse whiskey,  elderflower liqueur, lemon)  or if my group wasn’t game for punch, I’d go for “In the ___, Bob” (Plymouth gin, strawberry puree, soda) as my cocktail of choice after the Center Square.

My Mama's tuna croquette with micro greens

Nachum's Smoked Salmon Plate

Food is kept intentionally as finger foods to “keep you in the game” as you eat. I enjoyed the tuna croquette which I was surprised by the meaty chunks of tuna. I was also immediately hooked on the chips and onion dip. It was like reliving my childhood upon first bite.

chicken satay with peanut sauce

Pigs in a Blanket

I also really enjoyed the smoked salmon which was conveniently presented as crostini. I have a feeling that it may be a DIY situation when you order the smoked salmon plate though. I can’t remember the last time I had Pigs in the a Blanket but liked the old school canape.

Falafel "slyder"

Kobe beef "slyder"

Under the “slyders” (would that be an exceptionally sly person– someone good at games?), we sampled the falafel and Kobe beef. They are normally served three to an order and come sandwiched between Hawaiian rolls.

The rest of the menu consists of salads, sides and some interesting looking entrees such as Shake and Bake chicken and potpies.

vending machine of prizes


After we won games, we accumulated enough shiny golden tokens to make our way to the vending machine. There, it dispensed kitschy prizes. We decided to get the douchebag notes and bitch gum. Fun, right?

pretzel cookie and brownie

By the time dessert rolled around, I had my heart set on a homemade poptart but was swayed by the pretzel cookie! It’s a good mix of salty and sweet. It kind of reminds me of why sea salt and caramel things are so good.

I wouldn’t know what’s in the mens’ restroom but such teen hearthrobs await you in the ladies’.

Let the games begin, L.A.!



351 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 951-0406