DTLA: Flying Pig Cafe Now Open

Another food truck in L.A. has laid down some roots. The Flying Pig Cafe opened a couple of weeks ago in Little Tokyo. The brilliantly white space is decorated with “flying pigs” of ever breed and type- from hanging sculptures to paintings.

I went with a friend for lunch and was pleased to see the cafe also served beer and wine, with a neat little bar. Perhaps it’ll be a good stop for happy hour? But back to our boozeless lunch.

pork belly bun

Initially I was given the dinner menu and everything sounded so good! But then when I tried to order from it, the counter girl realized I had the wrong menu. Ah well, perhaps I should come back for dinner as well.

spicy seafood ramen

I went with the duck fried rice and salad combo for $8. My friend has the spicy seafood ramen. I also added on a pork belly bun because it wouldn’t be a meal from Flying Pig without one of their famous buns.

duck fried rice & salad combo

My friend and I were put off by the ramen being the instant sort. Sure, my friend said the seafood was pretty good and it smelled really nice but instant ramen? Oh man.

duck fried rice


I liked my salad quite a bit. It was really great dressing. So much so, I poured the remainder into my duck fried rice. Actually, I should just call it fried brown rice. Where’s my duck? There was so little meat that I felt like I was eating carbs and lettuce. I’m glad I ordered the extra pork belly bun.

I want to love this place but for $25 for two, we left a bit hungry…


Flying Pig Cafe

141 S Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90013 – (213) 621-0300