SF: The Buena Vista

The Buena Vista


Day #2 in SF brought me bright and early (okay, so it was 11 a.m.) to the Buena Vista.They are known for their Irish Coffee. I have always maintained a love for Irish whiskey even if my affections now gear towards American rye and bourbon. But there’s just nothing like a well-made Irish Coffee. And San Francisco is the town where I fell in love with this drink. I remember ages ago drinking copious cups of it to hide out from the rain at the Irish Bank Bar. I maintained for years it was the best Irish coffee ever. Unfortunately I didn’t immediately go on an Irish coffee crawl following my glass at the Buena Vista so I’m just going to say Buena Vista is a new favorite.

look at that poise and ease of longtime Buena Vista bartender

Tracy from Dishcrawl had a regular coffee and she exclaimed it was really good. Without booze, I never drink coffee so I wouldn’t know (okay, so I have occasional cup and I can honestly say the coffee is good on its own).

Irish Coffee- hooking up with an old flame

Just look at that head, I mean whipped cream. Before the recipe was perfected, the whipped cream would just sink into the glass. I’ve been to places that don’t know how to make a proper Irish Coffee and dare serve it without the beautiful head of cream!

Irish Coffee- ready for its close up

Buena Vista uses Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey in their Irish Coffees. There’s a gift shop around the corner where you can buy knick knacks including “empty” plastic bottles of the stuff. I personally would probably just go to a liquor store and buy a full bottle.

Good Morning, SF! It’s time for Irish Coffee- from the Buena Vista, of course.


The Buena Vista

2765 Hyde St., San Francisco, CA 94109 – (415) 474-5044