Cana: New Indian Summer Menu Begins Tonight- Sneak Peak

hawthorne strainer bird cage?

Cana starts their new Indian Summer cocktail menu tonight. Here are some sneak peaks!

Flower Street Sour

This Flower Street Sour was a collaboration between Cana and the fine folks at Bar | Kitchen. You can request this libation over at BK as well.

Garden Snake

When I first heard this cocktail’s name, it sounded like Garden State. But it is actually a Garden Snake!

Swaggering Bastard

And most recently, I tried the Swaggering Bastard. It could be a definitive rum cocktail. If you have favorites on the last cocktail list, Cana may still be able to make ’em but for now, they’re phasing them out for the new Indian Summer cocktail list.

** er, no, I didn’t take any notes on what the drinks are made of. I do know they are all delicious.

Cana Rum Bar

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