West Hollywood: Brunch at the Fat Dog

Fat Mary


I was invited to brunch at the Fat Dog a couple of weeks ago. They opened earlier this year in April. And I feel they are primed to be the new hot WeHo brunch spot.

I started off with the Fat Mary, their version of a Bloody Mary. I liked that they made their own mix, none of that artificial stuff.

beet salad

We shared a beet salad. I delighted in the colorful beets. It was a light way to begin what was soon to be a gorge fest.

house-cured salmon trencher

Croque Madame


Our crowd of 6 ordered and we amiably shared everything. The salmon trencher (bread) quickly disappeared. I was rather amazed by the towering Croque Madame. Not one but two fried eggs! How decadent, especially with the bechemel and gruyere. I can see why this dish is easily shared.

bacon, broccoli and cheddar fritatta

crab and asparagus fritatta

Next, the wave of fritaftas arrived. Caroline on Crack got the cheesy wonder of the bacon, broccoli and cheddar fritatta. I was reminded of a good Midwestern casserole.

I ordered the crab and asparagus fritatta after consulting with the server. I had also been eyeing the burger but she said the crab fritatta was unique. This is definitely the tallest fritatta I’ve ever had. Loved that there was so much crab.

The Mutt

The Fat Dog as you can imagine has some cheekily named cocktails after the precious doggies. I ordered the Mutt (rye, absinthe, lemon, simple syrup, Peychaud’s bitters). Ah, I vote for this cocktail to be moved to the brunch menu for it was an eye-opener. It sure did pack a whallop.

The Pedigree

The opposite of the Mutt must be the Pedigree. This dainty cocktail was Hangar One Mandarin Blossom vodka, Lillet blanc and fresh lime. I didn’t taste this.

alternative burger

organic farmers' market fritatta

For your veggie friends, I would recommend the alternative burger. As one healthy eater put it- it’s so hard to find vegetarian food without soy products. The patty is made with chickpea and brown rice. There’s also alfafa sprouts, tomato, avocado, and lemon herb aioli all on a nut brioche bun. The organic farmers’ market fritatta seemed made for the neighborhood except like the other fritattas, this one was made to be shared. All frittatas come with salad.

Well Groomed

I also tried the Well Groomed cocktail (Pimm’s, ginger beer, lemonade, cucumber) which was quite the perfect brunch cocktail. Still, I can’t help but love the Fat Mary is only $5 during brunch along with mimosas, bloody beer, coffee Karlsson or the “champear”- bubbly with pear brandy. All $5 cocktails. What a steal!

French Toast

Okay, twist my arm. I’ll have “dessert” in the form of French Toast. Make sure you use some of that maple syrup or you might mistake this breakfast as an evening treat.

The Fat Dog is in the same complex as Lindy & Grundy. They have their own lot for parking so come on down.


The Fat Dog

801 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 – (323) 951-0030