SF: Park Chow

minestrone soup


Before heading out to Golden Gate Park, we stopped at Park Chow for some grub. Carina told me someone once told her Chow (with multiple locations) was their favorite restaurant because it had something for everyone.  It’s essentially comfort food. She went with a bowl of minestrone and a salad with a scoop of tuna salad.

salad with scoop of tuna salad

I was more in the mood for noodles so I was trying to decide between the Thai-style noodles or the Smiling curry noodles. I got talked into Thai-style.

Thai-style with Steak and Chicken noodles

I was more in the mood for broth so the Thai-style was adequate. There was definitely a spice to this dish though so subtle, you started to doubt it until the next bite. I was a bit weirded out though the noodles were more like fettucine. Still, not a bad place. I’d try a sandwich next time and their famous desserts.


Park Chow

1240 9th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122 – (415) 665-9912