Glendale: Middle Eastern at Carousel Restaurant

complimentary pickles and things at Carousel


After a show at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, we headed over to Carousel Restaurant. I hadn’t been to this Middle Eastern restaurant in a few years but I always recalled it being fun and had a number of memorable meals there. It was Saturday night so it was very busy but we managed to score a table by the window which gave us a view of Brand Boulevard. We were sad to not sit in the main dining room with the show but shortly after we sat down, a drama of a different sort was happening right on the street. Free entertainment!


I would have liked to have gotten the family style meals but we weren’t sure if we were ready for all that much food. Instead we ordered the Vegetarian Delight which came with an assortment of mezze comprised of dips including hummus, spicy walnut, eggplant, tabbouleh (parsley salad) and stuffed grape leaves. We also got an order of falafel after our server talked us out of the fava bean dip. He said he didn’t like it and seemed to think we wouldn’t like it either. I also got the Carousel combo and picked the veal liver and lula (ground beef) kebabs.

cabbage salad

We amused ourselves by eating the various pickles things and cheese with pita while watching some cops impound some guy’s car. See, really, we didn’t need dancers! But if you do want to catch the show, make reservations for 9:30 or later on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a set menu ($38 on Fridays, $44 on Saturdays) but seems worth it.

Vegetarian Delight- Tabbouleh, eggplant, spicy walnut, hummus with grape leaves & rice


As I remembered, the food was good as before. My favorite was the tender stuffed grape leaves but the hummus was pretty addicting as well. I could eat a pound of tabbouleh and never be tired of it.

Carousel combo- veal liver and lula kebab

I had been debating the pork kebab but went with my fave lula kebab. The spicing was fairly tame and the veal liver was good. I do wish perhaps the it wasn’t grilled as long. And maybe I’d ask for extra roasted tomatoes next time. I love squishing it into my rice. The cabbage salad that came with our food was excellent. Very addicting dressing.

We’ll have to come back for dinner and a show.

After that, we were off to Neat.

Carousel Restaurant

304 N Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203 – (818) 246-7775