Las Vegas: Eating Our Way Through Mandalay Bay- Mizuya Sushi & The Noodle Shop

Mandalay Bay


My last few Las Vegas trips have been very impromptu so I didn’t research where to eat. We just followed our noses and found ourselves at Mandalay Bay a few times. First we had sushi at Mizuya and then we ate at the Noodle Shop before we flew home.

sashimi, sushi and roll


We wanted to eat fairly lightly because we anticipated a heavier meal for dinner. At Mizuya, we shared salmon sashimi, a few nigiri (salmon, yellowtail and sweet shrimp) and also a scallop roll. I’m still convinced that is not a scallop roll pictured above. After breaking it open, we still couldn’t tell. The fish was relatively fresh and we probably were better off just ordering sashimi. The rice had a gummy quality to it that I didn’t enjoy. Probably too much water when the rice was cooking. It needs to be properly aired out before adding sushi vinegar. I would actually eat here again but just avoid the rice.


Mizuya Sushi & Sake

Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89119 – (702) 632-6112


After a few days of partying in Vegas, I really wanted noodles. In soup. Noodles. Now. Noodles. Right away. Noodles!

Being next door at the Excalibur, we didn’t have very many options unless we wanted to cab it somewhere. So we tram’d it over to Mandalay Bay and found ourselves at the Noodle Shop. It was fairly busy so I thought that was a good sign. Little did I know it was because these people were in the same dire straits as us. They wanted noodles ASAP as well.

My jaw dropped a few times over the prices– I was particularly interested in a seafood and wontons soup, I was informed that particular item didn’t come with noodles and would be an extra charge of $6. What? The soup was already $18.50! Grumbling, I ordered the roasted duck soup knowing full well the $15 could have gotten me 3 bowls of noodle soup back home. Oh well, when in Vegas…

Unfortunately, I gobbled up my meh bowl before I took any pictures of the food. It’s just as well, it’s not really memorable enough to take photos of.


The Noodle Shop

Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89119 – (702) 632-4934