DTLA: Pho Night at Starry Kitchen

egg rolls


I’ve been hearing about Starry Kitchen‘s R&D of pho for a while now. When the first pho night was announced with an estimated 70 bowls, I was sad. I didn’t think I could make it. I had another dinner planned and then I thought, well, why can’t I have 2 dinners? I snuck in some pho as a “first course” and thought of my egg rolls as the amuse (haha).

Before I get into the pho, I have to say these were damn great egg rolls. You got 6 in an order and came with fancy butter lettuce leaves. Loved that the pickled veggies were piled high and the mint was super fresh. Wrap those babies up and have yourself a “healthy” egg roll.


Oxtail, bone marrow, beef knuckle pho


Starry Kitchen describes the pho as “Oxtail+Bone Marrow+Beef Knuckle Pho made w/ a lil bit of French technique, a whole lotta love and then stewed for about 16 hours for maximum beef-liciousness.” 


added my toppings of bean sprouts, basil leaves and fresh chile slices


Besides the usual hot and hoisin sauces, Starry Kitchen also provided dried lemongrass. This made my dipping sauces for the rare beef slices more piquant than usual. I ate about half (I had another dinner to run off to!) and in the morning, I was really appreciative of how the flavors were even instilled into the noodles.

I loved the little bits of beef knuckle. And there was just so much tender oxtail.

I hope Starry Kitchen does another pho night soon but there’s talk of a ramen night. Oh, I love ramen, too!

So pho-king good!

Starry Kitchen

350 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071 – (213) 617-3474