SGV: Pho Pasteur


What is it after trips that I want a big bowl of noodles? After I got back from Arizona Cocktail Week, I wanted something comforting. I had in mind a different restaurant along Garvey, the street of a million pho restaurants, but ended up at Pho Pasteur when a black out deterred us from our original destination.

I had heard about Pho Pasteur but the one in Orange County. The one in Rosemead as it turned out is the original location.

cleanest condiment bottles ever

Despite being hungry, we weren’t hungry enough to try the famous egg rolls. Next time. I spent some time agog at the condiment bottles. Most pho places are clean (at least the ones I go to) but Pho Pasteur’s bottles seemed like they were freshly wiped down. I liked that. And no, the table wasn’t too sticky either.

seafood egg noodles

I didn’t actually get pho. I wanted seafood noodles. Nothing gives me more joy than a big bowl of seafood. This bowl did come with BBQ pork, bits of chicken and quail eggs as well.

I'm renaming these the kitchen sink noodles

Everything but the kitchen sink? Yeah, maybe the chicken wasn’t pretty strips of white chicken breast. No sir, these were bits of the dark (good) meat. Great broth and thin egg noodles is a nice change from rice noodles. There were so many quail eggs, I wouldn’t advise anyone with high cholesterol to partake.

All in all, it was soul satisfying.

I’ll definitely be back for egg rolls and pho.

Pho Pasteur

8821 Valley Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770 — (626) 292-5888