Planet Dailes and Mixology 101 Now Open

Planet Dailes and Mixology 101 by Salvatore Calabrese are now open at the Farmers Market. The original Las Vegas restaurant (inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel) brings a new bar to The Grove and the Farmers Market area. I was invited to try the food and meet the “Maestro” Salvatore Calabrese himself.

Salvatore Calabrese

Salvatore Calabrese started working in London in the mid 80s after moving from his native Italy, developing his unique style and is now one of the leading bartenders in the world. His signature cocktails are the Breakfast Martini and the Spicy Fifty (named after his bar FIFTY, made with Stoli Vanila vodka, elderflower, honey, lime, chili pepper).  By the 90s, Salvatore was awarded numerous awards and he recently stepped down from the role of President of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild.

The Conductor Joseph Brooke

Salvatore named Joseph Brooke, one of LA’s best bartenders to be his conductor at Mixology 101. Joe gave some background on the cocktails including the Farmers Martini, explaining the original family that owned the Farmers Market started an oil company when they discovered oil under the market while drilling for water.

Joe pouring the Farmers Martini

Farmers Martini- Stoli Elit vodka, house-made curacao, Salvatore’s housemade bitters

Mixology 101 bar

Salvatore is quite the showman and explained that he came up with his Breakfast Martini (which has its own wikipedia page!) because he’s not much of a breakfast guy. His wife wanted him to eat the toast and marmalade she had given him and he made a martini with the marmalade.

a tasty taster portion of the Breakfast Martini

Breakfast Martini – Bombay Sapphire, Cointreau, lemon, orange marmalade

Hollywood Bubbles

Maestro's Special Fizz

The cocktail menu is divided into 8 sections including one page devoted to non-alcoholic drinks. Under the champagne cocktails, I tasted the Hollywood Bubbles and Maestro’s Special Fizz.

Hollywood Bubbles- Benedictine, fresh raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, champagne

Maestro’s Special Fizz- Limoncello, lemon sorbet, mint, prosecco

I would love to come back to this second story bar to check out the rest of the menu. There are many classics and some intriguing inspired by classics cocktails such as:

Friar Buck – cognac, rye, Benedictine, ginger syrup, pear juice, lemon, soda

St. Amand– rum, Campari, guava, lime

Cobra Fizz– gin, gum syrup, lemon, whole milk, rose water, soda

Planet Dailes wasn’t quite open yet when I opened but we enjoyed many appetizers. It’s a cross between high end comfort food such as Kobe beef sliders and Asian food. I particularly liked the Szechuan eggplant and tempura shrimp (massive shrimp!). I’d also come back for a salad or maybe a pasta like the Saffron chicken which features fresh spinach and linguine.

It was so much fun to watch Salvatore make drinks. He takes flair bartending to a regal level. I watched him spin the shaker top three times before he strains a drink. He does this every time, automatically. And now he’s taught his staff to do the same.

With Short Order a stone’s throw away, the Farmers Market now has a couple of imbibing options for cocktailians. There were many amari and liqueurs I’d love to taste. Perhaps after a serious shopping sesh.

Welcome to LA, Mixology 101.

Spicy Fifty

Planet Dailes/ Mixology 101 at the Farmers Market

(located above Bath & Body Works, across from Zara– if you park at the Farmers Market, you can get parking validation)

6333 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90036 — (323) 370-6560
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