A Revealing Evening with Erick Castro and Beefeater & Plymouth Gins

Erick Castro

Recently I was invited to a gin-fueled evening with Erick Castro, the brand ambassador for both Beefeater and Plymouth gins. The “revealing” gin event started with class held at Eveleigh in West Hollywood with bar manager Dave Kupchinsky helping the curious budding bartenders.

new Plymouth gin bottle

The first thing I noticed was the new bottle shape for Plymouth. What a classy design. I like the rounded bottle and now the label is so much more prominent.

Red Carpet Rosie punch

To get the party started, everyone was invited to enjoy the Red Carpet Rosie punch. I think this punch is good for any time, not just red carpets! Beefeater and Plymouth were kind enough to provide the recipes. The following is if you wanted to make a punch for one.

Red Carpet Rosie

  • 1.5oz Beefeater 24
  • .75 Campari
  • .75 Rosemary simple syrup
  • .75 Lemon Juice

The Eveleigh

I made only one cocktail but I did taste a couple including the Eveleigh. The herbal notes (heh) in this cocktail were enhanced by the Rooibos tea infused vermouth and the fortified wine, Barolo Chinato. I happen to like Barolo Chinato having had it as a vermouth replacement in whiskey cocktails. It played well with gin as well.

The Eveleigh

  • 1.5 Plymouth Gin
  • .75 Rooibos infused Vermouth
  • .75 Barolo Chinato

The Minty stirring the Bon Poire, photo by Busy Beth

It was my turn to step behind the stick. I decided to make the Bon Poire since I wanted to practice my stirring technique.

First I got the shaker and coupe glass (Erick was happy I seemed to know what a coupe glass was– haha!) and added the listed ingredients. Then I added the ice and stirred. Almost immediately an ice cube popped out. Erick assures me this happens to everyone. Maybe. Part of my “flair” bartending, right? I kept stirring. It felt like about 30 rotations. Then I stirred again for another 10. This got the tin nice and cold. Using a Hawthorne strainer, I poured the glass into the chilled coupe. Then I gave the marjoram a nice slap and garnished.

Bon Poire - isn't it pretty?

Bon Poire

  • 1.5 oz Plymouth Gin
  • .75 oz Pear and marjoram Vermouth
  • .5 Cocchi Americano

Alie & Georgia with Dave "Old Man Winter" Kupchinsky

After the class, we enjoyed a wonderful meal from The Eveleigh that included a roast and warm chocolate chip cookies. I hadn’t been to the Eveleigh before but now plan to go back. I have heard great things about brunch. I can imagine it’d be very nice with a cocktail in hand. Do you think they’ll let me make my own drinks again? Or maybe I should just come in for their guest bartender series on Mondays.

Beefeater Gin

Plymouth Gin


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