Harvard & Stone: Hanging out at the R&D Bar with Dave Kupchinsky

Dave Kupchinsky's menu at R&D, Harvard & Stone

I’ve now gone back to Harvard & Stone a few times now. I was back this past Monday to check out Dave Kupchinsky’s cocktails at R&D. Dave works at Eveleigh (I still need to visit) and formerly of Tar Pit Bar.

R&D is the back bar at Harvard & Stone. It’s often where guest bartenders get to play with their current favorite spirit or work on new cocktails for their home bars.

I tasted all the cocktails except for the shot, Chyna Syndrome (which was a shot of Rittenhouse 100 and cynar). The Seahorse Captain (Earl Grey tea infused sherry, Fighting Cock bourbon, Maraschino and fresh cherries) was a great. I’ve been getting into sherry cocktails lately.

The hilariously named Mister Balloon Hands (Bulleit Rye, Cia Ciaro, fresh fennel syrup and mulberries) was a light, well-balanced cocktail.

Old Man Winter

However, I went straight for the “old man” drink, Old Man Winter, which is Dave’s nickname.  Made with Famous Grouse Scotch, Campari, Benedictine, Fernet Branca and “heavy” Angostura bitters, this was my favorite cocktail. I thought it was hilarious it was handwritten on the menu “best served lukewarm by a grumpy bartender.”

Johnny Hammersticks

I ended the night with Johnny Hammersticks (Buffalo Trace bourbon, Campari, coffee-infused Carpano Antica). I also enjoyed this cocktail. Very easy sipping.

The back bar is great, it’s fun to check out all these new cocktails. A friend mentioned Dave had been perfecting some of these drinks as far back as a year ago. Now to get myself over to Eveleigh for more and back to H&S next week to see who else is working R&D.

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