Harvard & Stone: R&D Bar with Davidson Fernie

Serena Harris & Davidson Fernie

Last week I was at Harvard & Stone to check out R&D with Dave Kupchinsky of Eveleigh. While I was heading out, Davidson Fernie tipped me off he was going to be behind the stick with Steve Livigni the following week. It was a bit noisy but I gathered he was saying it was going to be fun. I found myself back this past Monday to check it out. Originally touted as a beach-themed night, it evolved to all cocktails were blended.

I didn’t see Steve but found Dave working with a lovely lady.

R&D Menu – Monday, May 16

by Davidson Fernie & Serena Harris

The Queen’s Fanny Business
Mister Tea
The Sure Thing
The Powers That Tea
GTM’incredible Hulk
Chocolate Cake (shot)

The Powers That Tea

I tasted only two cocktails; the Queen’s Fanny Business (Beefeater gin, English Breakfast, honey and lemon). I loved this. Next I tried the Powers That Tea (Powers Irish Whiskey, Pomegranate, lemon, vermouth). I have never seen Dave so happy. He was whizzing up stuff in the blender and I think this may be the only time the shelves of R&D will be lined with such things like Barcardi and Baileys.

I first met Dave at Test Kitchen. It was a bit funny when he realized I was “that blogger that wrote about hot bartenders.” Er..yes. He also has worked at quite a few bars around town including La Descarga and Playa (where I wrote a whole post about bourbon drinks he made for me). His Red Hook is still one of my faves.

Speaking of hot bartenders, I’ve been working on the next Hot Bartender Crawl in Hollywood. Which bars would you like to see on the list?

The Walnut Manhattan is still my favorite drink on the regular menu at Harvard & Stone but it’s always fun to see what they’re up at R&D, the back bar.

Harvard & Stone

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