Revisiting Urban Noodle


It’s been over a year since I’ve been to Urban Noodle. I thought I check it out again for lunch. They recently started offering some dim sum and have a dim sum sampler on Sundays. We decided to get some shumai to start. Hm, these were a little on the small side.

wonton noodles

My friend enjoyed her wonton noodles. The wontons did look really good (and put the shumai to shame).

curry seafood noodles

I couldn’t decide to try something new or get the curry seafood noodles I liked so much previously. Well, I’m a bit of a creature of habit and got the curry noodles again. I did notice the fishballs were cut in half. I like them whole like how they had ’em before.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad lunch. It was nice to get away from the office and take a quick DASH ride over. Maybe I’ll even try something else next time.

Urban Noodle

118 W 4th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-0662