Harvard & Stone: R&D with Brian Summers

Brian Summers


I dropped by this past week to see who was at the back bar of Harvard & Stone, doing R&D. I was delighted it was Brian Summers.

Like Davidson Fernie, I  met Brian at Test Kitchen last year. I’ve probably have had more drinks from him than any other Test Kitchen bartender (with the exception of Julian Cox). He’s always ready with a smile and welcomes you to his bar, treating newbs and regulars with respect.

Midnight Call

Brian mentioned he was ready to work with rum for this particular R&D but it turned out to be Zaya 12 (which is a favorite of mine).

I ordered the Midnight Call (Zaya 12, muddled market plums, lemon, lime, orgeat, creme de violette, soda)


Eleventh Hour

My friend had the Eleventh Hour which had besides magic, aka Zaya 12- all spice dram which I like quite a bit, giving a cocktail a nice little kick.

Garden Snake

We only meant to have a cocktail each but decided to share a Garden Snake (Zaya rum, grapefruit, lime, padron peppers, agave nectar, soda). Brian had bought all the fresh ingredients that morning from a farmers’ market in the Valley. It turned out to be my fave drink of the night.

Oh, you know I’ll be back.


Harvard & Stone

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