Chinatown: ABC Seafood

Peking Duck

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of writing a guide to Chinatown restaurants. I was very enthusiastic about the idea until it hit me just how many restaurants there are. Still, it’ll be a fun project to undertake. I’ll be posting the reviews here. Here’s my latest in rediscovering Chinese food in Chinatown.

About 7 or 8 months ago, I had heard ABC Seafood Restaurant was SO MUCH BETTER. I was not really sure about that. The last time I remember going was probably 20 years ago. I had a bleary-eyed dim sum after being at Disneyland all night and in my sleep-deprived state, thought it had gone downhill. Years later, they’re shiny and clean with a fresh coat of paint and has a new chef. The menu has all your favorite Chinese dishes and then some. I went with a fairly standard menu to check ’em out.

rest of the duck

I promptly ordered Peking duck with buns to see how ABC would handle this Chinese specialty. The skin was very crispy and they had saved most of the meat for us on a separate plate.

Westlake beef soup


Not gonna lie, one of my favorite soups is the Westlake beef soup. Ah, much better than Full House.

Fried oysters


We wanted to get the steamed oysters but they were out of that particular sort. Our server recommended the fried oysters instead. I know fried is so bad for you but you know what, I don’t care. They were so good! I could just eat these with plain rice.

pea leaves and tendrils

We had another great dish- the garlic stir-fried pea leaves and tendrils. It’s a simple but vital part of any Chinese meal. For special occasions, I grew up needing to begin with soup and appetizers, a seafood dish, a poultry dish, a meat dish, vegetables and starch. We killed two birds with one stone with the appetizer  but it’s still a lot of food for two people. We went home with a ton of leftovers.

Singapore noodles

BBQ pork fried rice


I failed at selecting the noodles dish. The Singapore noodles were dry and the curry wasn’t well incorporated. It was also greasy to boot.

However, my friend picked out the BBQ pork fried rice and it was delicious. I tend not to order fried rice, particularly at Chinese restaurants because it tends to be leftovers (Chinese BBQ meats that sell). But of course this dish was outstanding.

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Now off to explore more of Chinatown!


ABC Seafood

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