Chinatown: Late Night at Full House

honey walnut shrimp


After my birthday party a couple of weekends ago, we headed over to Full House. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been there but I know it’s been years. Recently, I started hearing how people loved going there because it’s open late– until 3 a.m. every day! Full House is your typical Cantonese seafood restaurant serving a huge variety of dishes. We set in one of the two cozy dining rooms and ordered West Lake beef cilantro soup, honey walnut shrimp, Young Chow fried rice and clay pot beef.

West Lake beef soup


I have always loved West Lake beef soup. I wished this version had more cilantro. It really needed that fresh punch.

My friend Bobby from 100 Eats 100 Days honed in on the honey walnut shrimp. It’s not usually something I’d get. I don’t know why- the crunchy, fried, covered in mayo sounds sinfully rich. Plus, it’s healthy because it’s served with honey walnuts…sure.

fried rice


I wanted Young Chow fried rice which includes Chinese BBQ pork and shrimp. I’m actually amazingly shocked I didn’t order noodles.

clay pot beef

We also had the clay pot beef which had tender pieces of beef, tendon, turnip and enough gravy to eat my fried rice.

We had so many leftovers that I took ’em home. Bobby subscribes to the philosophy things never taste the same the next day. My upbringing doesn’t allow me to waste food. But I couldn’t help but remember what he said when I realized the leftovers were making me hungrier as I was eating them. The bad joke of being hungry an hour after eating Chinese food was happening at that very second! I wasn’t even done eating yet!

Good thing I can always go back for noodles.


Full House Seafood Restaurant

963 N Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 – (213) 617-8382